Our mobile restaurant is always ready to feed the hard workers. The best corporate food service in Kyiv - is our everyday job. If your office has meat-eaters, vegetarians, raw diet fans - we easily adapt to individual tastes and find tasty solutions for everyone. If you have 5 directors, who love foie gras for lunch and 300 employees who need “a patty with mashed potatoes” - this won’t be a problem as well. You are free to choose from a variety of standard options, or we can quickly create your custom menu from scratch. We even take into account individual wishes (for salt, pepper and spices). A comprehensive menu for the week is convenient and inexpensive. You can order lunch delivery to your office in Kyiv to any convenient hour. Want more? We can also do breakfast and dinner!
Special discounts are on for companies who like to treat their employees with delicious and healthy food!

We also have some great offers for your special company events . Presentations, negotiations, business meetings in the office - we organize mini-receptions, coffee breaks, pastries and sweets in corporate colors. Cookies and other sweet treats are always available for order.

  1. Red borscht with rib and greenery.
  2. Salad with chicken, cucumber and egg in sour cream.
  3. Chopped chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes.
  4. Baked catfish fillet in herbs with zucchini.
  5. Homemade honey cake with walnuts.


Because there is nothing more important than time of the company and its precious employees. Our prices for complex meals and dinners are very reasonable. The amount you pay will be comparable to the average lunch receipt at the grocery store. But instead of wasting time searching and traveling for food, the employees will eat and relax during their lunch break. Every good boss knows that work will go much better when subordinates are well-fed, happy, and rested. It is time to put an end to countless lunch boxes and endless lines to the refrigerator! Your company is better than this, and your employees deserve more!
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