This is more than your standard delivery! Need delicious lunch in the office - we got it. In search of tasty desserts and snacks for a coffee break, snacks for presentation, a birthday party at the office, a recent wedding to celebrate with colleagues, a turkey for the Thanksgiving, snacks or desserts for Christmas - we will prepare everything. It is that simple - no need to order a full-fledged banquet. It will be the best buffet table, while the price is comparable to traditional pizzas. Any number of snacks and desserts - we will be happy to prepare and deliver everything you need to your address in Kiev (to your doorstep, to your work, to the office - wherever you might need it).


Our chef and his crew are experts in beautiful food. They have worked on many sets of commercials and know exact amount and texture of juicy cutlets and golden buns, needed to assemble a dream burger for that one beautiful shot! And how exactly ”the dessert that everyone wants” should look like! Therefore, when ordering food for shooting sets with us - there is nothing to worry about! Who might need this other than advertisers? Everyone who is planning a photo shoot! Not a single love-story shoot is complete without a colorful desserts, beautiful pies, ruddy pastries and bright picnic-style snacks. We know what color and texture the camera needs so that our food-sets look awesome, and help you make impressive shots.
Creative work is usually very intense. In addition to wonderful props, we are always ready to take care of the food supply for the team members.


A good party gets only better with awesome surprises !? We will be happy to share our recipes with you. Or prepare “that special dish” by your favorite / family / special recipe. After all, we understand that sometimes you want to treat guests with your signature recipe. A wedding definitely deserves a carefully planned menu - to include some treats based on the bride’s favorite recipes can be a great option. This is a popular tradition in many countries, which will never spoil the holiday, but make the celebration even more warm and touching.

So EVERYTHING IS NOT LOST if you found us. Food delivery by The Catering to the office, or a house, or any other point in Kyiv and the area is the best option to set a delicious, original, unforgettable table at a nice price. Call soon!

Event organization and off-premise restaurant service from The Catering is always on time, of highest quality and incredible taste!
The Catering - the perfect taste of Your events!