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Wedding, Birthday or Anniversary. We will turn any important event into a unique experience with exquisite dishes and excellent service. All you need is to choose a location and order a banquet. Festive banquet, New Year banquet, corporate banquet, order a wedding banquet - we are always ready to help you with all of these requests! Organizing your perfect banquet is a pleasant chore for us and vivid memories for you.

OUR PRICING: ordering a banquet in Kiev, designing an individual menu and calculating the cost of a banquet is easy to do with The Catering. Banquet menu per person starts from 300 UAH. The main difference from the buffet - guests are seated at the tables. A spacious hall is usually required to fit many tables comfortably. Main dishes are served individually, the appetizers are usually present on the table. Banquet traditionally assumes tableware of higher class (not disposable), modern design and decoration of dishes, personalized service.

  1. Salsa tar-tar (veal, salmon, scallop).
  2. Seasonal salad with “glass” vegetables.
  3. Glazed turkey with pickled ginger.
  4. Pepper steak with grilled vegetables.
  5. Fruit shortcake with frozen yogurt or sorbet.


It is beautiful! It is stylish! It is exactly the way you want! Banquet can add special atmosphere to any event. No other format can cope with a luxury outdoor wedding with hundreds of guests of all ages, as professionally and deliciously as BANQUET by The Catering! Perfect Banquets in Kiev and its surroundings is our passion and specialty!


Banquet always helps out when a big celebration is coming. Birthday, anniversary, any special occasion personal or corporate. These are the kind of events for which the Banquet format was created. Wedding and corporate party? With modern catering services you can choose a truly outstanding place to celebrate. There is no need to limit yourself to a usual restaurant, where prices are high and strong policies like “everything has to be over before 11 pm” are usually in place. Better call The Catering and we will quickly offer a creative and efficient solution, which will perfectly suit the individual character of the upcoming event.  And the taste of our dishes will be coming back to you in sweetest dreams for many years ahead.

Banquets can be gorgeous. But if you decided to go with a more mobile format for your event, it is very easy to order a buffet catering in Kyiv!

Event organization and off-premise restaurant service from The Catering is always on time, of highest quality and incredible taste!
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