It is tasty, easy, elegant and versatile! Have a big celebration approaching? Birthday, wedding, graduation? Maybe a New Year party or corporate event? It's time to order a buffet! We cater for all types of events in Kyiv and the area, be it a classic indoor event, a picnic, a wedding buffet in the middle of a golf course or a party on the rooftop of a high-rise building. You make an order. We organize your buffet quickly, easily and on budget - "from A to Z". We will provide all the necessary equipment, cutlery, tablecloths, tables and everything else that can be required.

OUR PRICING: a buffet set per person in Kiev starts from 100 UAH. It can be a finger food style event, with a selection of canape and delicious appetizers on skewers. Tableware - standard (high-end disposable), we can also offer glass/porcelain if it is a must for your event. This reception set is usually made of: 3-4 types of snacks on a skewer, 2-3 types of portion snacks, 2-3 bruschetta, 2-3 salads and a dessert.

Barbecue buffet (available during warm seasons) is another exciting possibility. Dishes of your choice from the grill menu are prepared by our chefs in front of guests. Snacks and vegetables are served in SALAD-BAR. Whichever buffet theme you choose for your event, we always have a lot of ideas ready! For your perfect event, we will design a unique menu, taking into account both gastronomic and financial preferences. To estimate and place an order for the buffet will not take much time!

  1. Vegetable straws with cheese/cream sauce.
  2. Bruschetta with adjika and melting Stracciatella cheese.
  3. Baked ham in pink glaze with honeycomb.
  4. Green pancake with salmon and cream cheese.
  5. Apple sambuk.


It's convenient. Every guest is free to choose what he/she prefers from a variety of dishes. The compact  portion size  allows guests to move and socialize freely. The menu usually offers significant variety. The food looks beautiful, elegant and very appetizing. For example, for 50 people you can order 5-10 different snacks and dishes.


Buffet is often ordered for weddings in the format of American Party. When guests are not seated at tables, but move around the area and communicate with each other. This also applies to birthdays and housewarming parties. Buffet can be a perfect fit if you have a social event outdoors, corporate TEAM-BUILDING, presentations of goods and services.

Kyiv is the capital of Ukrainian buffet fashion! A perfect buffet and delicious snacks from The Catering are always near!

You are planning a long event and want to sit guests comfortably at the celebration table? In this case, you most probably need a banquet. We organize the best banquets in Kyiv for you 24/7!

Event organization and off-premise restaurant service from The Catering is always on time, of highest quality and incredible taste!
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