Coffee break Menu

The irresistible aroma of fresh pastry and wide variety of hearty snacks. “What is a coffee break?” is a common question. It’s a quick snack during the pause in a social event (conference, exhibition, business meeting or any other). Sometimes coffee breaks are organized in the morning before the event starts. The main difference between a coffee break format and a buffet is the type of food and drinks that are served. For coffee break it’s typically pastries, finger-food snacks, sandwiches, coffee and tea.

OUR PRICING: ordering a coffee break in Kiev with The Catering is an easy and pleasant experience. Among our offers are SANDWICH-BAR (mini-burgers, sandwiches, croissants, pancakes - with salty and sweet fillings), SALAD-BAR (salads in glasses, sand baskets or portioned spoons) and CANDY-BAR (cakes and cookies, cupcakes, croissants, fruit canapes). With sweets and pastries, your event budget can start as low as 80 UAH per person (croissants, pancakes, muffins). Even more cost effective option is to order a sweet snack by weight (for example, cakes, cookies). The price of a coffee break with salads and sandwich snacks starts from 100 UAH per person.

  1. Croissants with chicken and cheese.
  2. Sandwich with salmon and Philadelphia.
  3. Crispbread with liver and apple.
  4. Strudel with fruit/cottage cheese and raisins.
  5. Chocolate-almond cookies with cranberries.


It is quick and hearty. For your perfect coffee break we offer 2 options:
1. You order delivery of snacks and beverages - we bring everything fresh and tasty, just in time for the break.
2. You order a coffee break service - we arrange / prepare / deliver and serve everything.

Designing a menu for your coffee break is a matter of 15 minutes for us. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, the main thing is that the right amount of food has to be on the table at the right time. Coffee machines, thermoses, tablecloths, dishes, toothpicks - we provide all the little things for your convenience.


Events with loads of important tasks and where time for food is limited to minimum, are a great fit for a coffee break by The Catering. These are exhibitions, conferences, negotiations, presentations, business meetings, creative meetings and many others.

To order a coffee break in Kyiv,  just give us a call. We are ready to take the order and organize your perfect coffee break even one day before the event!

Event organization and off-premise restaurant service from The Catering is always on time, of highest quality and incredible taste!
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