“Hello! I need to order catering for a corporate party. There will be 50-200 people. We start tomorrow at 12 PM”. Sounds like a big deal - for us, this is not a problem. We will carefully listen to your wishes, we will offer options and quickly prepare the most delicious corporate party in town! One of our main strengths is the ability to complete a large order in just 24 hours, where each dish will be incredibly delicious and beautiful.

OUR PRICING: it is possible to order catering for corporate party in Kiev starting from 100 UAH per person (snacks and desserts). The price depends on the menu that you choose. Some of the most critical keys to success are carefully picked location, format and theme of the corporate party. Our feature at such events is food stands styled with company brand elements and colors. The most important events such as company birthday, successful product launch, big contracts must have a celebration of comparable magnitude.

  1. Bruschetta with avocado and shrimp.
  2. Creamy rabbit salad in a sand tartlet.
  3. Liver with apple confiture/vegetable salsa.
  4. Marbled beef with grilled vegetables/forest mushrooms.
  5. Tiramisu with rum and berries.


The corporate event is a great chance for team members to celebrate the latest achievements together and plan for the future success. It extremely important and usually not that frequent, so everything should be to the highest standards. This also applies to gastronomic experience, since a nice dinner in a beautiful place is a great way for a company to say thank you to the employees. At The Catering we make such events tasty and enjoyable, our products are always fresh, our cooks are true professionals who love their job!

Have a company event coming up? Feel free to call anytime! We love our customers, so we are ready to discuss any budget and format of the event. Even if the funds are short, and the number of people to feed is substantial, we will manage to find a solution for you. The food for the corporate party will be ready on time, delicious and beautiful. Corporate banquet, a buffet at the corporate party, or an exciting mix of both - the choice is always yours! Order the best corporate party in Kiev right now!

Event organization and off-premise restaurant service from The Catering is always on time, of highest quality and incredible taste!
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